Monday – 7pm, Beginners Yoga at Rainford Village Hall. £5.

Tuesday – 8pm, Yoga Flow at Studio One Yoga, Standish. £7.

Saturday – 10.30am Yoga Flow, DW gym, Wigan. Members only.

Sunday – 9.30am Yoga Flow, Studio One, Standish. £7.

2 thoughts on “Timetable

  1. Hi Victoria,
    Having just read about yourself re back pain, I am really interested in giving yoga a ‘go’ to try and help me with my back problems.
    Do you have a starting date for absolute beginners?
    What would I need to bring with me to a class?
    Yours hopefully,

    1. HI Lynn, The beginners class starts back on Monday 7th January @7pm (arrive 5mins prior). Class is one hour and costs £5. If you have a yoga mat bring it with you, I have a couple spare if not. However if you want to continue with the class I recommend getting your own due to hygiene and also my mats are pretty old too! Bring some water too.
      See you Monday, Victoria

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